Empowering Our Communities: Women’s Energy Democracy Panel

March 21, 2022

Power Lunch #7: Gordon Weil

February 14, 2022

Democratizing Power: New Citizen Initiatives Challenge Monopoly Electric Utilities

January 20, 2022

Our Power: 2021 Clean Energy Summit — First to 100% Renewables

December 13, 2021

Our Power: Jess Cooper Excerpt from 2021 Clean Energy Summit

December 13, 2021

Our Power: John Farrell Discusses Energy Democracy

December 12, 2021

Our Power: Volunteer Training

Reviews the process of gathering signatures for the Citizen Initiative petition.

October 30, 2021

Our Power: Pine Tree Power vs CMP

A conversation featuring Rep. Nicole Grohoski, Economist Dr. Richard Silkman, and Maine Youth for Climate Justice advocates Emily Rochford and Julia St. Clair.

WMTW Channel 8, July 13, 2021

Take Back Our Power (a short video the Fat Cats don’t want you to see)

Power Lunch #6 – “Entering, Operating, and Managing an Electric Utility”

Bringing Power to the People

Maine Challenge, June 1, 2021

Power Lunch #4 – “Consumer-Owned Utilities in Maine”

May 14, 2021

Power Lunch #3 – “The Economics of Consumer Ownership”

May 7, 2021

Power Lunch #2: Building a Healthier, Sustainable Future: Sacramento Utility District’s 2030 Zero Carbon Plan

April 30, 2021

Power Lunch #1: How Winter Park, Florida Switched to a Consumer-Owned Utility

April 23, 2021

Our Power Press Conference Announcing Proposed Pine Tree Power Company

April 19, 2021

Our Power introduces new bill to create a consumer-owned utility company

News Center Maine, April 19, 2021

Our Power’s Pecha Kucha Presentation on a Consumer-Owned Utility for Maine

Center for an Ecology-Based Economy, March 24, 2021

What’s a Consumer-Owned Utility?

WGME13, November 19, 2020