Maine Workers Rally Against Corporate Greed of CMP and Versant 
September 4, 2023

Sierra Club Endorses Pine Tree Power Ballot Measure in Maine 
August 29, 2023

Maine Secretary of State Office Announces Ballot Numbers for Referendum Election; Pine Tree Power is Question 3 
July 27, 2023

Bernie Sanders Endorses Pine Tree Power 
July 27, 2023

CMP Hikes Distribution Rates by 20%
May 31, 2023

Statement on CMP’s Latest Rate Hike
June 6, 2023

Versant Parent Corporation Sends $82 Million Million to Government of Calgary, Canada While Hiking Rates for Mainers
May 31, 2023

CMP Agrees to Hike Rates, Pine Tree Power a Path to Savings
May 31, 2023

Our Power in support of voter education and oversight on all utility debt over $1 billion
May 12, 2023

At Public Hearing, Mainers Support Sending Pine Tree Power to Voters
May 4, 2023

Avangrid reports $245 million Q1 earnings, exploits Mainers
April 25, 2023

Pine Tree Power Support Dominates PUC Hearing on CMP’s Proposed Rate Hike
April 11, 2023

Maine Supreme Judicial Court rejects Secretary of State’s draft ballot language for public power referendum
April 10, 2023

Superior Court rejects Secretary of State’s draft ballot language for public power referendum
March 9, 2023

Our Power Will Deliver 10% Rate Cut, Will Use No Tax Dollars; Asks to be Held to It by Law
March 8, 2023

Our Power Responds to Secretary of State’s Signature Announcement for Citizens Initiative regarding “No Blank Checks” campaign
January 26, 2023

Mainers Submit Public Comments to the Secretary of State on Consumer-Owned Utility Ballot Initiative
January 24, 2023

CMP Ranked Worst Large-to-Mid Sized Electric Utility by Far in U.S. by Business Customers
December 8, 2022

Our Power Responds to Secretary of State’s Signature Announcement
November 30, 2022

Our Power Applauds Another Jobs Expansion in Maine Thanks to Low Rates in Consumer-Owned Electric Utility Service Areas
November 3, 2022

Grassroots “Our Power” Movement Turns in Over 80K Signatures
October 31, 2022

Our Power Applauds Move by Gov. Mills to Oppose Versant Rate Hike But Says Real Change Also Needed
October 4, 2022

Maine Supreme Court’s Corridor Decision Underscores Need for Pine Tree Power Company
August 30, 2022

Central Maine Power Rakes in $40.5 Million in Profits this Quarter as Maine People Struggle to Pay Bills
August 18, 2022

Our Power Applauds Move by Mills to Oppose CMP Rate Hike, But Says Real Change Needed
August 11, 2022

Our Power Releases Statement on Bipartisan Amendment to Governor’s Utility Bill
March 18, 2022

Governor’s Utility Bill Receives Heavy Scrutiny in Public Hearing, Ratepayers Demand More
February 22, 2022

“Utility Accountability” Bill Falls Short and Fails to Address the Fundamental Problem 
February 2, 2022

Extraordinary progress toward creating a consumer-owned utility for Maine, volunteer effort and ethics filing show strong grassroots support 
January 19, 2022

CMP ranks dead last again in residential customer satisfaction for the fourth year in a row out of 121 utilities ranked by JD Power in 2021
December 15, 2021

Voter Response to Citizen’s Petition to Create Nonprofit Consumer-Owned Utility Overwhelmingly Supportive
November 2, 2021

Our Power Statement on CMP-backed Maine Affordable Energy Ballot Question
September 7, 2021

Our Power Begins Citizen Initiative Process to Put Consumer-Owned Utility Before Voters
August 16, 2021

Lawmakers Fail to Override Mills’ Veto of L.D. 1708; Bill sponsors leave Legislature with powerful message
July 19, 2021

L.D. 1708 Vetoed by Governor Mills; Our Power Will Take Proposal Directly To Voters
July 13, 2021

NEW PUC Report Proves Need For Consumer-Owned, Non-Profit, Pine Tree Power Electric Utility ASAP
July 13, 2021

Calling on Governor Mills: Give Mainers a Choice
July 8, 2021

Pine Tree Power Bill – L.D. 1708 – passes House and Senate, On to the Governor’s Desk
June 30, 2021

Amendment to L.D. 1708 Requires the Pine Tree Power Company to Pay Property Taxes Directly to Towns and Cities
June 30, 2021

Our Power’s Response to CMP’s Announcement that Maine Ratepayers may see Double-digit Rate Hike in August
June 29, 2021

Mainers to Rally for Pine Tree Power
June 28, 2021

L.D. 1708 held up in the Legislature for now; Voters will have final say in 2021 or 2022
June 18, 2021

As Historic Bill to Create Consumer-Owned Utility Heads to Governor’s Desk, Voters Will Have Final Say Either in 2021 Or 2022
June 17, 2021

Historic 19-16 Vote in Maine Senate Supports Maine People Voting to Create Consumer-Owned Utility
June 16, 2021

Rep. Berry Response to Governor’s Office Memo 6-16-21
June 16, 2021

Historic 76-64 Vote in Maine House of Representatives Supports Maine People Voting to Create Consumer-Owned Utility
June 15, 2021

Energy, Utilities & Technology Committee takes historic vote in support of Pine Tree Power
June 1, 2021

75% of Mainers Support Creating a Consumer-Owned Utility
May 28, 2021

Statement of Our Power Campaign on Hearing shows overwhelming support for bi-partisan legislation to create Pine Tree Power Company, a nonprofit, consumer-owned utility that will replace CMP and Versant
May 20, 2021

Statement by Nathan Carlow (R-Buxton, Hollis, Saco)
April 19, 2021

Statement by Sharon Staz
April 19, 2021

Statement by Seth Berry (D-Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Richmond)
April 19, 2021

Statement by Nicole Grohoski (D-Ellsworth)
April 19, 2021

Statement by Rick Bennett (R-Oxford)
April 19, 2021

Bi-partisan legislation announced to create Pine Tree Power Company
Our Power Press Release, April 19, 2021

Statement of Our Power campaign in response to LD 840 and 1328
Our Power press release, April 13, 2021